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(For USA Disciplinary guidelines see the USA Web site.)


A. Disciplinary Chair. A standing Disciplinary Chair shall be appointed by the Mid-Atlantic Board of Directors. A standing Vice Chair may be appointed in a similar fashion. The Disciplinary Chair will be responsible for:

All disciplinary activities outlined in Sections II - Functions and IV - Procedures.

Providing a written report to the Board at or prior to each of its meetings, detailing all matters brought before the Disciplinary Committee, and any other disciplinary matters received subsequent to the previous report to the Board

These reports shall include updates on any disciplinary matters pending or unresolved, such as appeals or scheduled hearings, until they are brought to a conclusion and so reported to the Board.

B. Disciplinary Committee. A standing Mid-Atlantic Disciplinary Committee shall consist of the Disciplinary Chair, Vice Chair (when one is appointed), and the Disciplinary Chairs of each of the member Local Area Unions.


The Disciplinary Chair and Committee shall perform the following functions:

A. Disciplinary Matters. For all matches, functions, or any other matter of disciplinary concern in which the Mid-Atlantic Disciplinary Chair and Committee have direct jurisdiction, they will impose appropriate disciplinary actions, sanctions, or suspensions against individuals, clubs, or other entities as provided for in these Disciplinary Procedures.

Limitations. It is not intended that the Disciplinary Chair and Committee operate in the realm of the civil or criminal justice system. It is specifically not a function of this body to award compensation or direct individuals, clubs, or other entities to pay financial damages or restitution for specific incidents of misconduct.

B. Disciplinary Information Clearinghouse. The Mid-Atlantic Disciplinary Chair will serve as a clearinghouse for send-off reports and other disciplinary information that involves players or clubs from differing local area unions.

C. Local Area Union Appeals. The Mid-Atlantic Disciplinary Chair and Committee shall hear and decide upon any appeals brought after Local Area Union disciplinary appeal processes have been exhausted.


A. Governing Body

1. USA Rugby. Mid-Atlantic acknowledges that the USA Rugby and its Disciplinary Committee and Procedures have direct jurisdiction over:

(a) National Championships. All national club and All Star championship events wherein the clubs or sides representing the member territories of the USARFU compete against each other (specifically including, but not limited to, all national championship events such as Mens Club, Womens Club, Collegiate, Youth, Military, and All Star ITT's); and

(b) USA Rugby Home Matches. All matches involving a USA Rugby national representative side played at a site located within USA Rugby territory.

2. Mid-Atlantic RFU. The Mid-Atlantic Disciplinary Chair and Committee shall have direct jurisdiction over:

(a) Mid-Atlantic Championships. The Mid-Atlantic Championships are defined to include all matches and events wherein sides representing LAU's compete against each other, and specifically includes all games from wild card through the Mid-Atlantic Championships for all club and All Star competitions, and any other territorial championship events (such as the Women's Mid-Atlantic Championships); and

(b) Mid-Atlantic RFU Home Fixtures. Any matches played by a Mid-Atlantic representative side at a site located within the Mid-Atlantic territory.

3. Local Area Union. Mid-Atlantic acknowledges that the Local Area Union in which the match or event is held shall have direct jurisdiction over any disciplinary matters other than those arising out of matches or events subject to USA Rugby or MARFU jurisdiction.

B. Tours

1. Incoming. All incoming tours will be subject to the appropriate governing body jurisdiction as outlined in A. Governing Body (see above).

2. Outgoing. All outgoing tours will be subject to the primary disciplinary jurisdiction and procedures of the host governing body, with domestic secondary jurisdiction for outgoing tours to follow the jurisdictional guidelines in Section A. Governing Body (see above); (local clubs/sides subject to LAU, territorial sides subject to territorial, and national sides subject to national jurisdiction).

C. Matters Subject to Disciplinary Jurisdiction

While it is anticipated that the primary concern of the Disciplinary Chair and Committee will be incidents occurring during play resulting in the send off of a player by the match referee, it is specifically noted that jurisdiction extends to all matters of misconduct, on or off the field, considered to be detrimental to the game of rugby.

Such matters can involve individuals, clubs, or other representative bodies of the sport. The misconduct may be a single incident on or off the field, or repeated examples of behavior contrary to the welfare of the sport of rugby.

The governing body having jurisdiction over a match or event shall also have jurisdiction over all activities and social events held in conjunction with the match or event.


Consult the USA Rugby Disciplinary Guidelines for standard procedures.