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The Mid-Atlantic Competitions Chairman will appoint an Event Coordinator (one for each event) who will be responsible for enforcing the following rules and regulations at all Mid-Atlantic events:


The Event Coordinator will phone in the results as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after the event, to the Competitions Chairman. The Event Coordinator is also responsible for the completion of any forms deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, i.e., (a) reports requested by match sponsors, (b) match reports, (c) incident reports.

The Event Coordinator will communicate with the Head Referee of the event and will liaison with, or appoint a liaison, for the Referees.

Roster and Eligibility

The roster and eligibility requirements outlined in General Eligibility Rules in this Handbook shall apply. Event-specific standards as outlined in the USA Rugby National Handbook shall also apply.

Each participating club shall carry a roster of no more than 28 players. The match rosters must be submitted to the Event Coordinator no later than 30 minutes prior to kickoff.

Replacements may only be made from the match rosters as provided prior to the kickoff.

Collegiate Eligibility Requirements

The following must be presented prior to each match to the proper officials:

1. Twenty-eight (28) player roster, typed, indicating player name, position, and CIPP # with a verification letter from the college/university stating that each player on the roster is a bona fide undergraduate student (full-time) in good standing.

2. A photograph college I.D. card for each player that will be handed to the Referee before the beginning of each match. No exceptions!

Touch Judges

Wildcard and Group Playoffs

If the local Referee Society can assign Referees as Touch Judges, they will assist the assigned Referee. The assigned Referee will decide whether or not to use Law 6B(6). If no Referees are assigned as Touch Judges, each team will designate a person to run touch in which case Law 6B(6) will not be used.

Mid-Atlantic Championship Matches (Semi-Finals and Finals)

All assignments (Referees and Touch Judges) will be made by the Mid-Atlantic Director of Referees and/or his committee. The Director and/or his committee will decide if Law 6B(6) will be used.

Consolation Matches

Event Coordinators are not responsible for setting up or arranging consolation matches unless arranged well in advance and are an essential part of the competition.

Tied Matches

In the event of a tie after a full match, the following is the procedure:

1.Referee will flip coin just as he would to start the match.

2.This will be followed by at least two (2) ten-minute overtime periods. Teams will switch ends at the half.

3.If teams are still tied at the end of these two (2) ten-minute periods, they will play sudden death in ten-minute periods, switching ends at the end of each ten-minute period. Each new ten-minute period will begin with a place kick at mid-field, alternating kickoffs.

4.A five minute water break will be given at the end of regulation time. A two minute water break will be given at the end of each overtime period, with a five minute water break at the end of every fourth overtime period.

5.The USARFU variation allowing up to six (6) injury substitutes in a match applies through the overtime periods (ie. no injury substitutes beyond the six allowed should the match go into overtime).

6.Note that there are NO provisions for a penalty kick "shootout" no matter how many overtime periods are played.

Spectator Ropes

At venues where there is not a fence around the pitch, restraining ropes must be erected. These ropes must run from goal line to goal line on both sides of the pitch. It should be at least ten (10) yards from the touch line. Only the touch judges and medical personnel will be permitted inside the ropes. Reserve players, coaches and all other non-essential personnel must remain behind the ropes for the duration of the match.

When playing in a stadium or enclosure, reserve players, coaches and all other non-essential personnel will not be allowed on the field. Only touch judges and medical personnel may be on the field.

Kit Requirements

Failure to dress in accordance with the Kit Requirements as noted in this Handbook will result in suspension from competition.

Cancellation / Rescheduling of Matches

The Event Coordinator is in charge of the event. Coordinators should be in close contact with the Competitions Chairman whenever the possibility of a cancellation appears likely. However, once the match starts, only the Referee may stop the match (Law 6). The team leading at that time will be declared the winner. If the match is tied, it will be rescheduled by the Event Coordinator and played in its entirety.

Participant Entry Fees

No Mid-Atlantic event host may charge entry fees to participating clubs for MARFU events, except for the entry fees for Sevens qualifying tournaments.